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Axel Weirowski is a film director based between Milan and Hamburg. His love for films started at school, experimenting with his first camera. Since that time, his love for film making had struck. 


Axel's research is focused on storytelling, developing creative ideas and compelling moving images for different brands.

His experience in the commercial business for over 20 years makes the scope of Axel's work very wide. Always looking for the best creative solutions for each brand for which always results in tailor cut films and concepts for his clients.


Axel is currently working on his first feature film inspired by the famous graphic novel written by Mawil, titled “Kinderland”.


BMW, Mercedes, Burger King, Coca Cola,Opel, Holsten, Olympus, Gaastra, Nivea,Otto,

Milka, Panasonic, Kik, Lufthansa, Nokia, Gardena, uva.


ADC/ Gold, Silver, Bronce Effie/ Gold , Lead Awards/ Gold

VDW/ Gold,Bronce DPD/ Gold, Silver , DMAEcho/ Bronze,The Webby Award

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